Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last Blush

The roses are at their last blush. Today I picked my last rose bouquet of summer....fall begins tomorrow. While some things look spent and faded, you can still see plenty of color in my garden. I got out in the yard for a couple hours and it actually was warm enough to take off my sweatshirt as I pruned and weeded. But tonight I hear the rain again. So what else occupied me this weekend:
-Tutoring 2 older Vietnamese people from my church in preparation for their citizenship test. (I must be insane because I am certain they will vote Republican if they pass!)
-Reading the newspaper and reading blogs
-Two loads of laundry
-Went to a garden sale at Herr Garden Shop in Burien; only bought 3 perennials
-Made an Apple Crisp and Paella with plenty for leftovers tomorrow
-Went to a wine tasting (Ripasso wine) and enjoyed visiting with friends.
-Watched a dismal Packer-Cowboy game
-Avoided work for my classroom as much as I could and now I have a few loose ends that are going to become nightmares if I don't go upstairs and look in my 'book bag'


Eve said...

Hey, watch it! You have Reps who read your blog, you know. : )

That food just sounds so good. I went on a diet this morning and every blog seems to be talking about wondreful food today.
I just glanced over at my garden and realized, I need to do some end of Harvest things. I still have okra, blooming it's little heart out. I think I grow it more for the bloom. It is so pretty.

I love school time in the fall. I love to see the kids waiting on the bus in thier new clothes and happy faces. : ) and I think school teachers are God's gift to mankind.

Teresa said...

Eve, your garden's lovely and your kitties look sweet, but we do not share political views that's for certain. I am not inflammatory or mean spirited in airing my political views. If you read my blog you are going to get more than pretty pictures. I speak my mind.