Saturday, September 27, 2008

So It's a Draw

I listened to only about forty minutes of the Friday night presidential candidates debate. It wasn't a nail biter but I didn't find it to be a particularly relaxing event to watch after a work week that felt more like ten days instead of five. As I figured, the journalists' responses were really all I needed. Jack E. White, journalist for wrapped it up this way:

But an election is not a choice between two perfect candidates. It's about which of the two flawed politicians who debated last night is better equipped to lead the nation during what will surely be extraordinarily trying times. Would you prefer an impetuous risk-taker who is willing to do almost anything to win an election or a calm calculator who sticks to the business at hand? Would an aggressive champion of unilateral U.S. action keep the U.S. safer than an advocate of consensus building and direct diplomacy with our enemies? By now, undecided voters, you should have the information you need to answer those questions. The choice is stark and it's yours!

Other interesting reading I found time for this week: 'Elemental Obama' by Lydialyle Gibson in the UofC Magazine.

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Interesting article on Obama, tomorrow night we get to view them again. I will watch without a doubt but my mind is made up, we do not need more of the same, time for a change.