Saturday, September 20, 2008

The time was.....

3:25PM in Tunis and 6:25AM in Seattle as I woke up this fine morning to the sound of pitter pattering raindrops on our grey deck that matches the grey sky which has covered our Emerald City all of today.
Yes, we have one clock in the house (pictured above) which is set to Tunisian time so that at a glance, we know just what hour of the day our daughter is experiencing in Tunis. She had called us in the wee hours of Wednesday morning (3:35am) to let us know that she had arrived in Tunis all in one piece. But today we wanted to know if we could contact her. We tried once, twice, a text (That worked right away!), and third time a charm; we were talking! 50 minutes of interstate phone card time became a truncated nine minutes and then our card ran out. But we had heard her voice and now we know that it IS possible to reach her across the miles of continents and oceans. The other arriving students were mostly from Oregon and mostly friendly. The French classes would be easy. Truth be told, TOO EASY. She and some other OSU students had made their way to a Mediterranean beach yesterday and enjoyed a swim in balmy turquoise waters. The food is delicious. The women don't all wear scarves but you notice more than in Seattle. They don't wear shorts; not even long shorts. There are a number of women who wear tight, TIGHT pants. I got the impression that although females don't show a lot of skin, it doesn't necessarily mean they dress like nuns. She plans on meeting her Tunisian host family tomorrow. She will most likely be one of two students assigned to a family. She prefers to be the only one so as she would be forced to become acculturated more quickly, but she is ok with being one of two. She is suffering internet withdrawal; she is not certain that she will be able to post on her blog as often as she would like. She has been to the Medina and she made mental notes of gifts that she might buy for friends and family (Goodie, goodie!) Then they walked beyond the Medina to a lovely tiled plaza where she took pictures of a spectacular view of the city. That is all I can remember of the nine minutes; that and the sound of her voice, happy and confident.

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