Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Red Tape...

of life is engulfing me. Excuse me for a month or so as I delve into taxes and the money muck of our life. The FAFSA and the CSS (the worksheet alone is 18 pages and there is a fee to file) are sitting on my computer desktop, waiting for me to lay bare our financial status. This year the hardest part is looking at the losses. I find no comfort in knowing that I have company. Ah well, I am not one to shirk hard work. It's time to dig in and be done with the mess. I'll post again when I've put this onerous task behind me. Since Honey Girl will graduate in 2010 this is the last time I have to f@%* with financial aid forms. If you are wondering what all my fuss is about read this NY Times article. And my advice to those of you with young kids; why are you sitting on your thumbs; get GET.


Rosemary said...

Yuck on taxes!

Barbara said...

Glad all that is behind us.
Morris is getting his MBA from University of Phoenix and it is free because he is working there now, which is a good "perk" seeing that he has taken such a big cut in pay to work there....but he does like it so that is worth it. (He is working with Military guys and gals and their families...and finds it rewarding.)
Why am I rambling???
I really wanted to ask you how budget cuts are affecting the education in your state???
Being a charter school is a blessing for us...I guess.
OK I am done...hehehhe
Have fun with your "stuff".

Rosemary said...

Take care of yourself.
Love thing one and two.! Dr Seuss my fav.