Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dinner in Des Moines

This morning we went to mass, got home, barely had time to get a cup of coffee and then went to the movie theater to see UP! I think this is the first time ever I saw a movie and ate popcorn before noon. The animation in Up! is fabulous but I much preferred the Pixar films Wall-E and Cars. Dad took advantage of the L-O-N-G chase scenes to snooze. He didn't snore too loud. The remainder of the afternoon we mostly relaxed around the house. Mom played LOTS of Solitaire till she finally beat 'Sol'. I did have a run in Lincoln Park while mom and dad sat on a park bench and read. There were dozens of families with picnics. I think every grill on the beach was in use. I saw two families from Sanislo and one YMCA friend. In the evening mom and dad treated us to dinner out at Anthony's in Des Moines, overlooking the marina. It was my 'birthday dinner'. (It is fun to stretch out a birthday.) I ordered steak and prawns along with an Ahi tuna appetizer and chocolate mousse with Baileys Cream for dessert. I did share dessert with Chris but just the same, I am stuffed!

Lovely sunset, don't you think?


Lynn said...

Oh, your dinner sounded scrumptious...lucky you!
We enjoyed the photos. Kelby wants to see the movie UP too. I wonder if he will snooze?
Enjoy the week!

Barbara said...

Happy Happy Birthday ...July 2 right?
Well what a beautiful spot to celebrate. THe boats look so inviting.
Did you see fireworks over the water too?

Mrs4444 said...

For some reason, I was unable to comment on the slideshow post; I saw some things I have yet to discover in my five trips to Seattle. I guess that means I have to come back! :)

Happy Belated Birthday!! Give your mom and dad a kiss and hug for me :)