Sunday, July 26, 2009

In My Front Yard

...the blooming is abundant! We have excessive heat warnings in Seattle for the next four days. I wanted to capture a few blossom photos before everything wilted away. You are looking at an Orienpet lily with 7 blossoms/buds on one stem and 5 on the other. They smell so incredible, especially when getting an early morning spray of water. Also in the slide show are blooming Hen and Chicks, which love the heat of the rockery, Russian Sage which is a favorite with bees, and a Red Mullein (at least I think that is what it is) with blooms shaped a bit like exotic bird beaks.

2009 Garden

I have 4 different places where I put my photos: Kodakgallery, Photobucket, Flickr, and Webshots. Webshots is my absolute favorite if I ever want to get photos printed. 4x6 prints are only 15 cents each and I can either pick them up at a nearby drugstore or have them mailed to the door. The printing goes through Photoworks. Of course I also have my albums in iphoto on my Mac and about every three months I move them to my hard drive back up. Technology sure can create a lot of invisible clutter! If any of you have a better way to stay on top of managing photos, please share!


Lisa said...

Very nice! Are the hen's and chicks in the front? I have one that is growing a "stalk" like thing, looks funny:) Is that the bloom? I love the Russian Sage too! I put the poppy seeds in the ground today, not sure what will happen? Actually I broke them open and crumbled them in the dirt, will that work? Lisa

Teresa said...

Oh yes, the 'stalk like thing'. You are so very polite, sister dear! It looks like a 'dick'. But the blooms change all that. It is the 4th photo in the slide show just before the Russian Sage which I know is familiar to you.

Anonymous said...

Your yard looks even more beautiful than when we were there.