Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 'Pretties'

I have been a watering fool to keep all my 'pretties' happy in the heat wave we have been having. OK, if you live in Arizona or Hawaii, 85 does not qualify as a heat wave, but in Seattle it does! Today I did not garden but I did accomplish a whole lot! I ran in Lincoln Park and lifted weights at the Y. Then I went downtown to get the final crown on my tooth. I can't believe how great it feels now. I hope I NEVER need another root canal and getting the mold made for the crown is no picnic either. But now that is all behind me and the tooth feels great and even better...insurance covered every last cent! How rare is that? I made a Costco run on my way home. I had 4 items on my list and somehow I ended up with about 15 and I spent $148. Needless to say I was not following the 'Nakata Rule': never take a cart into Costco if you want to stick to your list! Then I dashed in the house, tossed food in the freezer and went to get my hair cut. Really just an inch and a half trim. But leave it to the DH to say, "Nice cut, but too short!" which is what he says practically every time I get a cut. Then I read a little in my current 'read': Before You Know Kindness and ate a late lunch. Then at 3:00 off I went to Westwood for my annual visit to the eye Dr. The result is not much different than any other middle aged person on the planet, my reading vision is going 'kaput' albeit slowly. The good news is that this year insurance covers new frames. I'm ready for a switch back to plastic instead of wire. Once at home all bleary and goopy eyed, I made Marinated Chinese Noodles for dinner, tossing in leftover chicken from last night's roasted bird along with multicolored peppers and grilled onions and garlic, cilantro from the garden, sliced water chestnuts, and ground peanuts. Yum!


Queen of the Prairie

Native Spirea

Disporum ('Fairy Lanterns')

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lisa said...

Great news on the crown, I need like five of them and will space them out financially:) I seem to need my eyes checked more often too! You are always too energetic! Lisa