Sunday, July 19, 2009

July In the Garden

Everything is growing SO fast! We are having a extra hot summer in Seattle (like above 75). So you see lots of dry grass and TALL tomatoe and bean plants. Yes, your eyes are seeing right, my beans and tomatoe plants are only inches below my garden deck.

There are carrots to thin and and unusual Chinese Radishes to eat in salads.
They don't taste much like radishes; they are much more mild and they sure are colorful in a salad.

And yummy ripe raspberries to eat with our morning yogurt or to go in the afternoon Sangria!


Barbara said...

Such great shots.
I miss a garden..I used to can so much from the gardens we had back East.
I guess I will just continue to live vicariously through you:)
Thanks again for your kind words about my Face!

Lynn said...

Love the raspberry photo. We have been eating them from our backyard as well. Somehow there are only 2-3 when I go back to get some...I wonder why my kids have red stains on their shirts?

Chase said...

We can dream that one day we will have a garden as beautiful as yours!

Anonymous said...

We have had no rain either but of course our yard doesn't have such a great variety of flowers etc. as yours. I will say dad's lilies are just gorgeous right now. We hope to get someone to take a picture.
Yum Yum those raspberries!1