Sunday, December 26, 2004

The First Gift

The First Gift
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This is what was inside Richard's gift:
a tracing of his foot, a handmade Christmas card inside of a handmade envelope (decorated with a jack 'o lantern), a chocolate covered marshmellow Santa, and a Butterfinger and chocolate Santa. In addition Richard gave me 2 other cards; handmade and thickly wrapped in tissue paper. He clearly loves the giving aspect of Christmas VERY much. I treasure his gifts that are clearly '5 year old initiated' and given 'from the heart'.
I can see why I got the Butterfinger; I always tease the kids when they have lunchables saying "Oh, that must be for me, Butterfingers are my favorite!" when I see the orange wrappered candy bar in it's lunchable compartment. But the tracing of his foot...that is a mystery!

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Tanya Mau said...

His gift is soooooo cute! Definitely from the heart...and truly from a 5 year old!