Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Yesterday I went to the podiatrist for very persistent heel pain (like since last Spring). I have already been through the physical therapy, stretching, ibuprophen, icing, no running routine and I finally decided to go for the big shot - cortisone. For those of you who know what a needle ninny I am, this was a big step (no pun intended). It hurt like hell to get and even the beefy doctor had a time pinning my leg to the table as he gave the shot. Anyway this morning I notice a quarter sized bruise at the site of injection but other than that it feels pretty darn good. I hope this is the solution. He said I my need 1 or 2 more shots. I go back in a month and if the heel feels good then I am getting orthodics for my running shoes and I will be back to morning runs. Off to school now. The kids are higher than kites this week. Lucky for us, we have an 80 minute planning block this morning and the principal and another teacher take on all 55 kindergarteners to teach a literacy lesson.

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