Friday, December 24, 2004


All week long I have been too worried to sit down and focus on posting an entry. I mailed Anna Rae's gifts to France on Dec. 3 and it has been a long, and for me, a tortuous wait till their arrival on Dec. 23. Chris kept telling me to no avail, "I don't want to hear about it, STOP WORRYING ABOUT THE CHRISTMAS BOX!" What follows snippets of the emails between AR and others as I fretted about the whereabouts of her Christmas box.
12-15 (to AR) Has the Christmas box arrived?
12-16(to AR) Has the Christmas box arrived? (I emailed Marion with the same question) As above, please answer by tomorrow (Fri.)
12-16 (to Marion) This is Teresa, Anna Rae's mom. Has our box of gifts for Anna Rae arrived at your house yet? I am thinking they should be there by Friday at the latest. Let me know if it does not come by Fri. Once you or your parents tear off the label listing the contents she can open the box. I think she will be a surprised and very happy girl on Christmas day. Anna Rae has had such a wonderful time being part of your family.
12-21 (To AR) I am trying really hard not to think about your box but it is always there nagging my brain. Of all the losuy things; no box from your parents!
12-22(from AR) Yeah, I really am worried about the box too, I'll be upset if it doesn't come ( but I KNOW you loved me, I KNOW you tried!!! don'tget too worried!!!) The Liz├ęs are now constantly asking me if it has arrived too. Benoit says itll come thursday (the day before we leave).
12-22 (in an email from me to our friend Kim) We miss her so much and you want to hear the real burn...she has not yet gotten her Christmas box from us and I mailed it on Dec. 3 It makes me just sick; we bought her an ipod mini! I did insure it but I think that is just for damages not loss. Chris is tired of hearing me worry about it. He thinks it will still arrive. I think someone stole it. Let's hope I am wrong.
12-22 (to AR) I went to the post office and did my whining there so it would not bother your dad and now I have a glimmer of hope that you will get your gift, just maybe not on time. First of all, I did insure it for $350. and if I fill out a claim saying it is lost, I will get paid for the loss and do the shopping all over.
BUT the post office clerk said it was likely that it was held up in customs (probably opened and rumaged through) because I listed a value above $200. This also means that you (we) may need to pay a duty fee on it once it arrives. Anyway, if you, with the help of Benoit or Catherine want to go to the post office /customs office (I am unclear which one because he seemed to use both interchangeably) and ask about the box, this is the number you will need:VE 676 826 336 US
12-23 (from AR) And good news! The box is here! Well, its somewhere nearby, I may not get my hands on it till monday when I get back in town. Apparently they tried to deliver it yesterday but no one was home. AND I have to pay them 32€ (like 40 dollars) or some customs fee. Thanks mom! lol, its no problem, I'm just happy I'll have it soon, even if its not there on xmas day. there is a possibility charlotte can pick it up this afternoon, but im not sure.
12-23 (to AR) Nothing ever gives me more joy on Christmas than seeing you open gifts; to think that ours would not be there for you, it has made me so sad. But now I am happy, happy, HAPPY! Sorry about the $40. We will pay it. Never again will I insure a box with the postal service.
12-23 (from AR) i have it! charlotte and marion picked it up, ill find an atm and attempt to get out enough money to pay them back tomorrow. I'll try to make a blog entry tonight.
12-23 (to AR) Great sweetie! I wish I could see your face when you open the gifts. You will be so glad they arrived on time!

So went the week of a worried mom. And now, Christmas can begin!

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Tanya Mau said...

This is hilarious! I mean, I'm sure it wasn't when you were worrying about the box..I'd worry about an IPOD too..but, the dialogue is humorous, and I'm glad everything got there safely! Mailing and waiting to receive things through overseas mail can be such a hassle. Still, it is sooooooo wonderful to receive any sort of mail or care package!