Sunday, December 12, 2004

Surprise! it's a flame retardant Christmas!

We have never had anything other than a real tree, usually a Noble fir selected by the 3 of us after much searching at a tree farm on Vashon Island. A few years back I bought a tree at an end of Christmas sale and never took it out the box. Obviously I did not read the label on the box either. This is the tree. Were we ever surprised!
Chris seems more animated and excited than if it were green and fresh cut. That figures, since he was always the one that did the sawing. So Anna Rae, what do you think? Don't be too alarmed, it looks alot better with the red and silver ornaments. That picture coming up soon.


Tanya Mau said...

My students would go crazy with a tree like that here! I wonder if they sell those here in Thailand....Hmmmmmm

AR said...

I'm sure its all very nice for you, but its not ever going to be up in the house when im under its roof!