Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gille Visits

Where has July gone? I can't believe my birthday was over a month ago! Anna Rae's friend Gillie was a welcome guest in our house during July. I do believe I am misspelling his name. Anna Rae told me the right way once upon a time but you know how it is when you learn something. Right or wrong, it is hard to 'unlearn' prior learning. Gillie is from Annecy, France where Anna Rae was an exchange student in 04-05 and Gillie was an exchange student in Belfaire, WA in 03-04. Thusly, you see the connections. He was an easy house guest, content with a couch and a sleeping bag. He is vegan and that kind of threw me through a loop as it always gives me great pleasure to feed my house guests. Vegetarian I do easily; but vegan is a little trickier. I did have one awesome lentil and vegetable recipe from a middle eastern coworker and that was a hit as were the breakfast smoothies that Chris makes.

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