Friday, August 17, 2007

With Bubble or Without?

Do you like bubble tea? This summer I prefer bubble tea to frappacinos, fresh avacado being my favorite flavor. Mom and Dad thought pineapple bubble tea was mighty tasty and filling! The 'bubble' is sometimes called 'pearl' or 'tapioca'. In fact it IS tapioca but it looks kind of like a dark brown fish egg in my opinion, but it tastes nothing like fish. They are chewy and slightly sweet. I like the bubbles when they are really warm and the temperature is a sharp contrast to the icy tea. This photo is of the wide, colorful straws used in bubble tea.


AR said...

oohh, nice picture mom

Barbara & Morris said...

ok I know this seems strange but I am a kinder teacher in AZ and I found your site because I clicked "Kindergarten teacher" in my profile.
I started blogging over the summer vacation...I have one that is my family one and the the other is for my class ...what fun that has been ...the parents love it..they can show relatives far away what we are up to:)
Anyway it is fun to read yours and I love the new easel you got, I am jealous I still use the Little Tikes art station...heehehe
Come check out my sites..
A fellow K-teacher, Barbara