Monday, August 20, 2007

Weather Girl

I definitely need to adjust my 'weather girl' as it is pouring outside right now. It sounds different to my ears; new gutters will do that. There's no more "plink, plink, plop" as raindrops hit various buckets at the corners of the house where the old gutters leaked. My mom and dad left last Thursday and while they are gone , they are never far from my thoughts. My dad will be having surgery next Wednesday to remove his bladder. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April and intravesical therapy was not successful so this is the next step. Blog readers out there: your prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated. It feels a lot like summer is over for me! I have begun home visits to my incoming students. I have been warmly welcomed into 11 homes so far. More details forthcoming in my next post. In a few minutes here I will be logging off and heading to a math training to acquaint teachers with Everyday Math, our new curriculum adoption. I hope I remember how to sit still for 6 hours!


Anonymous said...

Your Dad will be in our prayers.

Donna Boucher said...

Yes. I will pray for your dad too.

It is hard to make those adjustments isn't it.
I feel for those little ones.
And their teachers :o)

It rained 5 3/4 inches here on Fri, Sat and Sun.
That's a lot for us.