Sunday, May 04, 2008

Another Sunday in the Garden

trillums by 2

The Trilliums are up, looking very pristine in this photo and a bit tattered in the photo below. It seems that the slugs and snails know they are up too! Last year I moved foxglove to the most slug infested area of my gardens and that acted as a buffer to the plants I favored. Well, this year only ONE foxglove showed up in my yard. Fortunately my friend Christine had plenty of 'volunteer' foxglove to share with me.
See the teensy fly on the burgundy Trillium? Do you know what it is or why it likes my Trilliums? Every year they come and they stick to this one plant. The blooms last along time but it never fully opens like the white one above. I don't get it; could it be some symbiotic relationship?



The wisteria is none the worse for my pruning. Before long we will be greeted by the drone of bees 'working' the wisteria arbor.

Honey Daddy's here!

This is my newest hydrangea, Honey Daddy, purchased last fall. It sure brightens up this corner of the garden.


No Rain said...

Beautiful photos. The foliage on the Honey Daddy hydrangea is spectacular. Happy GTS,

Bo said...

Beautiful trillium - I just saw my first of the spring this morning, a grandiflora not quite open.

Deb @ Sugarfused said...

I've never heard of a Honey Daddy hydrangea. Will it bloom this year?
The wisteria is gorgeous!

Diana said...

Sigh. I do miss the more temperate plants of the Pacific Northwest. There are just not so many that can take the long, deep WI freeze, are there?