Sunday, May 04, 2008

Here it is!

Taken from the deck it is somewhat hidden but we have decided that is o.k. After all, many of my garden treasures need a 'walk around' to be noticed.

Taken from about mid-yard and looking quite striking, don't you think?

Right in front of the Sanislo kindergarten masterpiece; don't you love it? I know I do! My husband replaced the existing chain with a thicker gauge chain. We both agreed that it makes peace with the old gate to the 'way back'. It gives the gate a purpose. It is a place for me to hang a reminder of my 'other passion', teaching kindergarten.


Gail said...

It looks beautiful in your yard...I love glass on glass mosaic are a very fortunate and it seems a well liked teacher! Congrats,

Lynn said...

This is soooo beautiful! Your students and parents did a great job with it. I am impressed!
I also admire the parent's generosity and your dedication to teaching that is noted by many!
The photo with the sunlight is esp. grand!
Your choice of an item is the most precious and perfect fit for you and the garden! Some things are just meant to be.
Love your sister,

verobirdie said...

it is really beautiful, and carries a lot of feelings in it. You are a lucky teacher!

MamaGeph said...


Diana said...

Beautiful tree, beautiful flowers and that mosaic is fabulous.

Kerri said...

Hi Teresa, I can understand your delight. The mosaic is gorgeous, and the tribute to your teaching makes it an even greater treasure, I'm sure.
Did I return your visit to my blog of March 14th? If not, I apologize. Sometimes I 'lose' comments in my inbox when days get too busy! I just happened to be checking back today and found your comment.
Your garden is absolutely beautiful, and it's so nice to read the thoughts of someone as obsessed with plants as I am :)
You have a wonderful variety!

Moe said...

Great! I need one of those...

Mercedes said...

You have such a wonderful garden and yard! This is so beautiful!