Saturday, May 24, 2008

Folklife 2008

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What a beautiful day to be out and about in Seattle! I took the bus downtown to Folklife at Seattle Center and joined the tie dyed throngs to listen to music made with every conceivable instrument from a jaw bone to a wash tub. Of course the usual fiddles, mandolins, banjos, and dulcimers were also in abundance. I even mustered enough voice to sing with the Sacred Harp singers. It was good to see old friends and join them in harmony. And when I couldn't stand the incessant bagpipes and percussion one minute more I headed into Belltown and got myself a much needed haircut; thanks to the gift certificate I bought at Sanislo's auction a couple weeks back. To see more of my Folklife photos, click on the little slideshow icon above.


Diana said...

Wonderful pictures, especially the 'rainbow pair'. I'm guessing it was fun but loudloudloud.

Teresa said...

Actually not too loud but the drumming does get monotonous sounding.

Tanya Mau-Halsall said...

Oh, how I miss Seattle and Folklife and all the other festivals...This is the time of year I miss the most..Weather looks beautiful too...I think I need to find a ticket and make my way over there...Definitely don't want to teach summer school! My summer is too short!