Sunday, May 04, 2008

Across the Fence


The neighbor's lilacs are just starting to bloom. This huge old bush will be drooping to scrape the roof of our garden shed which is my excuse to pick big bouquets for us. The smell of lilacs is so heavy, so robust. In the way of associations, lilacs are always linked with hymns of 'Mary' in my mind. Bringing bouquets of lilacs and tulips to place before the statue of Mary was (and is)a May ritual in Catholic schools.


This is the view I get when looking across our fence to the east. The Sequoias are lovely, I believe there are 3 of them. The flowering cherry is also bright and beautiful at this time of year (although the pruning done on it by the neighbors is atrocious). The many dandelions and weeds that blow their seed into our yard, are NOT as welcome. But for now, it is vacant and I like that additional buffer of space around our yard.

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Laura said...

Oh I love the smell of lilacs in the spring. I have a couple of young bushes that I transplanted early this spring. Here's hoping they bloom :)