Sunday, May 04, 2008

One Lucky Teacher

This was one of the kindergarten items at last night's 'Sanisoul Train' Auction for Sanislo Elementary where I teach. Today it is MINE and I did not have to so much as lift my bidding paddle. I am grateful beyond words! Before the auction begins they have a raffle with $25. a pop tickets. The winner of the raffle gets to choose any one item from the live auction to keep before any bidding begins. Susan K., the parent of one of my students had the lucky ticket. Up she jumps from her table and she trots over to me and tosses the ticket in my direction! I'm sure I looked totally confused (as I was) "It's yours," she smiles. Well, you can't imagine, the shock, the elation, the shaky knees and teary eyes; I was SO touched by her generosity and by the words of congratulations from parents of students both past and present. Even this morning I get emotional as I look at the window. It is my plan to hang it in the trellis of our garden gate, the gate that used to go to the 'way back' which is what we called the vacant lot behind us, the lot which now has the elephantine gray house five feet from the lot line. It will hang there in summer and it will hang in the window behind our computer during the winter. I am one lucky teacher!


Diana said...

You are one deserving teacher. That is a priceless gift.

Mercedes said...

Congratulations! This is absolutely beautiful!