Friday, July 11, 2008

Occidental Park

Occidental Park is in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle. This is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle and it really is not a square although Occidental Park comes close to being a square. It is a great place to just hang; of course all the street people know that too. If you are ever in this neighborhood in Seattle I recommend you buy a sandwich from Bakeman's Restaurant which has been around for a LONG time. It is located between First and Second streets on Cherry. You will not be disappointed. The bread is baked right there and it is the yummiest; maybe second only to my Grandma Caldie's and Great Grandma Cornell's. But be forewarned; if you go there during lunch KNOW WHAT YOU WANT! The people behind the counter can be like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld and they talk fast too. I had oven roasted turkey, white meat, on whole wheat with mayo and cranberries and the price; a mere $5.60 including a big dill pickle. The cash register guy gave me a bit of grief for not having my bills organized by denomination but I came away relatively unscathed with my yummy sandwich in hand.

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