Monday, July 21, 2008

Camping on The Olympic Peninsula

I still have SO much to learn about putting pictures and slide shows on my blog. I had comments that went with each photo but they did not show up on the slide show. It's a long slide show and that is why I did not use Flickr or PhotoBucket. It would have used up too much bandwidth and I refuse to cough up money and go Pro because most months I am well within the 100MB us free loaders are given. Anyway, if you scroll to about 3:42 on the slide show you will see my husband looking into his camera on the edge of the Quilcene River. We are on Falls View Canyon Trail #868. And where am I? To the left of the husband on my back in the rocky bed of a rivulet that feeds into the river. Me, who always tells my students "STAY on the path to the playground!" I went off the path, to get a better picture of course, and I fell, HARD on a slippery rock. I had the presence of mind to curl my head (Pilates comes in handy!)and raise my camera. I narrowly missed hitting my tail bone. But my oh my, do I have the bruise! (No I will NOT take a picture of it!) I managed the next hour of the hike with much more caution. I don't usually complain much about sleeping on the ground but that night I don't think I slept a wink. Ice and Ibuprofen seem to be doing the trick. Going home and sleeping in my own bed was a welcome relief!


Diana said...

I, too, have refused to ante up for the grander flickr. The slide show was wonderful. I can smell the Pacific NW air!

Anonymous said...

OUCH!! Trip sounds wonderful. Hope the bruises are better and you're ready for WI.


Eve said...

That is the best slideshow of a vacation I have seen this summmer. I loved it. The lavendar was so beautiful. I glad you all had so much fun but sorry you slipped and fell. People will do anything for that special shot. I know from experience. I ended up with some strange itch on my arms a few weeks ago. A little coritzone ceram and whining took care of it.