Friday, July 11, 2008

Who's Snacking on My Zinnias?

Last week I bought a few zinnias to put a touch of bright color in the rockery border. Well, every day this week I noticed that two of them never could seem to get enough water. Their leaves always looked limp, even in the early morning. Snap dragons had flourished in the same spot earlier in the summer, iris' did just fine in the spring, one zinnia only a foot away looked quite healthy and content in it's spot. This morning I fully intended on moving both of the limp zinnias to new locations. Imagine my surprise to see that some critter had done the job for me. One whole plant was torn out of the ground and ripped into 3 pieces by some seriously annoyed animal. I don't think I am going to get more life out of this plant but I replanted it along with it's sorry looking sibling; but in a new location. It sure enough is a backyard mystery.


Heidi said...

It may have been a squirrel, chipmunk or rabbit. Do you have many of those near your home?

Teresa said...

Squirrels, yes, but at night? I think maybe a raccoon or possum or mole???