Tuesday, July 08, 2008

On Stacation

So you might ask, "What's it like to have the husband on 'stacation' with you?" Not half bad I must say, downright enjoyable at times. It's all about choices. You can look at a midlife lay off as a crisis or an opportunity. We are doing pretty good at choosing option number two. I have an occasional anxiety attack and reach for the paper bag (NO, not to wrap around a bottle; to breathe into), especially when tuition bills of seven thousand plus come in the mail. But then the sun is up and we get in the groove and it's off to the Y we go or me for a run, him for a skate, time to delve into the invisible, yet real, job jar, or perhaps an hour or of reading, an hour or two of blogging, time for him to get creative, and me to get crafty. See the end table photo? That is one of the two I am trying to spray paint(water based) gloss black. Spray painting is not as easy as I had thought! It will probably take me all summer to finish the 2 end tables and the DH cranks out a new painting every 2 weeks or less; each one better than the last. I guess I should do a dozen or so end tables to improve my spray painting technique.
Here's the song I can't get out of my head today: Mess Around by Eilen Jewell. She's playing at the 'Out To Lunch' concert in Occidental Park this Friday; I'm going!


Lynn said...

Hey loved the tune. I will have to see if she is in the Madison area on tour. I like getting new ideas of people to listen to now and then.
I can see why you are enjoying the stacation. I know I would as well. Timing is everything...good karma!

bellamocha said...

Oh..she's beautiful! I love finding new music, someone new to listen to, and she has a great voice. Very soulful.
Glad you stopped by again...and your post was very inspiring. I'm glad you chose Option 2- good for you!
bella x

Eve said...

I love refinishing furniture or repurposing it. I got a good chance to practice after the Hurricane. I had to take some give mes and try to do what I could with them. Afer the Summer of 2006 was over, I had a much better idea of how to do things. I really enjoyed it.

Barbara & Morris said...

Boy you have been busy since my last visit.
Midlife layoff? We are doing the same thing around here!! We should really talk:o...
I am jealous that you went into your room and got some things done..I always say I will do that and then something else seems to demand my time... I only have 18 days left until I go back ..crazy isn’t it???
Great looking flowers I am always jealous of your gardens… Arizona just doesn’t do it for me as far as flowers go!! We have had really warm days this summer did I say warm? I meant HOT!!!…not liking it so much…think I want to be rich enough someday to “summer in the high country”…as they say around here…hehehe
And last but not least….HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you from me.
Fondly, Barbara