Friday, August 08, 2008

A Coffee Shop Meeting

At Alvora's
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Look, it's Diana who gave up a Saturday morning and cruised over Wisconsin county roads and negotiated one way streets and wound up and around the innards of a parking garage and then with a hop and a skip (OK, I'm embellishing) found her way to the front of the Inn on The Park, our agreed upon meeting place. Yes, Diana of Piffle! What fun to meet a fellow blogger in real time! Her hair is an enviable glossy auburn and her eyes smiled hello before she even said a word. Talk came easy and she even put up with meeting family members that I dragged along. Now I fully expect that she tote her 'family unit' out to the great Northwest for a visit.


Diana said...

It was SUCH fun. I felt we'd know each other for years and just hadn't gotten together rather than meeting for the first time. It was so nice of your family to share you with me. Getting to talk to your sister, L, and AR were the buttercream icing on the 4 layer cake (and you know how I love cake). Here's hoping for a reunion in the Pacific NW next summer!

Mother of Invention said...

NOW I know how you came to visit me! How neat to meet Diana! Thanks for your visit. I'm a gr. 1-3 teacher but have been on leave since 2006 and will retire Nov. 09. My niece went to U. of W. and played hockey on a scholarship for them a few years ago. She loved it.
Maybe I will have more time to blog and visit come fall!I'll check back.