Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Fair Experience

What visit to Wisconsin would be complete with out a visit to a county fair? I'm not foolhardy enough to do a state fair like Diana, but a county fair, we were up for that!
At the request of our kind host and hostess, Honey Girl and I donned aprons and put in a couple hours of scooping ice cream for the Dairy Board's booth. When in the country do as the farmers do, right? It really WAS a fun, and certainly unique vacation experience. But seriously, scooping cement would've been easier. We cringed every time someone said "Vanilla" because it was the most 'brick like'. I got a slight case of the giggles at one point because I felt like Lucy in the I Love Lucy t.v. series where she is trying to keep up with an assembly line and bad goes to worse in a hurry. Fortunately the crowds thinned and we got to create our own sundae with strawberries, chocolate and caramel. Don't ever expect a vacation in WI to be low fat!

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"PULL KELBY, PULL!" we cheered. See the fierce determination in his freckled face? I couldn't believe he had that much muscle and energy left in his 5 year old body. We had walked around the Farmers Market in the morning, arrived at the Fair at noon and here he is, a couple hours later in the heat of the day, in a Pedal Pull which is a kid version of a Tractor Pull. The kids are grouped by their body weight. He was in the 40 to 60 pound group. The trailer that he is pulling has a weighted load. The box on the trailer measures the distance that it is pulled until the child stops pedaling. Kelby came in 2nd!! So what did he and ALL the other pedalers get; ice cream from the Dairy Board booth of course!

Soft bunnies and colorful roosters and so many other animals to see. The barns are always my favorite part of a fair.


Lynn said...

Ok, now Wisconsin visit seems complete! Those are some cute candids of Kelby...don't mind if I do say so myself. It must have been the photographer!
Nice apron on AR. Will that be part of a Halloween costume this year?

Eve said...

I couldn't get the slideshow to work so I just went over to flikr and checked them out over there. : ) Love the milkmaid apron.

Teresa said...

I can't figure it out, Eve. The slideshow works for me and it appears to have worked for Lynn. Other readers, please let me know if it does or does not work for you. Thanks for checking them out on Flickr!

Diana said...

Slide show worked for me! That plush bunny would be hard to resist. We've learned our lesson. It's the county fair from now on.