Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Rural Life

View slideshow of Lodi WI

I'm back from Wisconsin with over 200 photos and I am having a heck of a time paring it down to a reasonable number to capture the memories. Impossible, I know. Anyway, this slide show is Lodi WI. I really intended on including a few shots of Madison but that did not happen. I keep forgetting that in BigHugeLabs you cannot edit your slideshow once you hit publish. My sister Lynn and her family live in Lodi. She lives on a street with beautiful old Victorian and craftsman style homes, each one with it's own distinctive porch, windows, and fancy trim. You sit in the swing on the front porch and everyone who passes by waves or says "hi" and the municipal pool is free and so refreshing although as you can see in the slideshow we were about the only ones in the pool as it was only about 75 degrees out. The entire time we were in WI the weather really was not as humid as I recalled and twice we had those summer storms where the rain comes down in sheets and thunder in the night that startles you at the edge of your dreams.


Diana said...

Heh. The humidity hit last weekend, but cleared out a couple of days ago. Not a bad summer at all this year.

Lynn said...

These brought back great memories.
We look so well rides, markets, dominoes, and swimming. What about the ice cream scooping experience?
Come back sooner than later.
Love ya, Lynn