Sunday, August 24, 2008

Poo Poo Point Trail

On Saturday we hiked Poo Poo Point Trail which begins behind the stadium of Isaquah High School. The trailhead is not easy to find; you have to walk about a quarter of a mile behind the stadium, taking one of the trails leading east,away from the stadium. First you will pass the trailhead for the Adventure Trail; that is not the one you want if you are headed to Poo Poo Point. We made that mistake and walked about 10 minutes before meeting someone with a map and discovered our error. We DID eventually get to signs to direct us UP, UP, UP Tiger Mountain to Poo Poo Point where we hoped to see para gliders launching off the side of the mountain. No such luck, but the view of Lake Sammamish was breathtaking and we really felt a sense of accomplishment to see how high up we were once we walked out of the woods. From the para gliding area if you take the trail about 5 minutes south you come to a small meadow (kind of made us want to break into Sound of Music) and this lovely view of Mt.Rainier. For us it was a moderately difficult hike. Even with poles the downhill can be taxing on a person's knees. It is 4. miles each way. Although we met people along the way I would not call it a crowded hike. It certainly was a quiet trail; not even a lot of birdsong, just an occasional airplane overhead. Nary a toot from a train was heard; they say the Poo Poo name comes from the sound of trains in the valley below. So we get back to our car, look up towards where we had hiked and of course, we see para gliders!

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Eve said...

We use to like to hike nature trails when we were younger. I don't think I could do even a short trail now. But I love the quiet and the wildlife we would sometimes see and just the satisfaction of feeling connected to the Earth for a short time.
Pare Gliders...hmmm..must be such fun.