Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tanner's Tree House

My nephew Tanner has this awesome treehouse. To be honest; it is more my brother-in-law's treehouse; he has put an incredible amount of energy and ingenuity in creating this haven above the forest floor. My guess is that at some point Tanner is just going to push his dad out and say, "Hey pops, this is my roosting place, doesn't the sign say Tanner's Treehouse?"


Barbara said...

Fun Tree house and great for father son bonding!!
So when do you go back I am jealous that you are not back yet...I have been back for 2 weeks!!!
Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Teresa said...

Well, technically not till Sept. 3 for teachers and the 4th for students but I have inservice both Monday and Tuesday of this week AND I already started home visits.