Saturday, February 21, 2009


to 5o degree weather and a freshly mowed lawn. I took the bus home from the airport for the first time. $1.50 is a whole lot cheaper than a $25. cab. It did take 50 minutes (mostly because of the wait time at the bus stop) but the weather was so lovely I didn't even mind the 7 block walk from the bus stop. I had just enough time to unpack and put together a cheese and sausage platter for the wine tasting. The 7 year old Wisconsin cheddar from Laney was a hit as was the old fashioned German sausage from Maplewood Meat Shop. The Glen Fiona 2007 Basket Press Reserve Syrah more than made up for the nasty corked wine we brought to a tasting earlier in the month.

I had a wonderful time visiting family and friends in Wisconsin, packing in a lot of visiting, shopping, eating, and card playing in seven days. Now here I have been sitting for 3 hours plus, organizing photos on Flickr, listening to Boot Liquor on SomaFM (if you must listen to country music, this is the one to listen to). It's time I shake myself away, maybe go on a run and do a little yard work. The rain is due to return.

But before I wrap this up, I want to say "Happy Birthday, Jeff!"

Isn't my younger brother handsome? He's hardworking, generous, and blessed with a serious 'gift of gab'. Enjoy your day, Jeff!


Barbara said...

A interesting. THe man is rubbing off on you...hehehehee
I'll bet he was proud of you:)
Your weather sounds wonderful.
I am finally not driving to work in the dark anymore, so days must be getting longer again ...I love that.

Teresa said...

Oh yes! Mostly though I rode the bus because he didn't believe I would do it dragging luggage and all. He was surprised.

M said...

Thanks for stopping by LMNOP. I am not much of a rain runner...and it is raining much for today...I guess I would not make it in WA! My niece moved to Camas in the fall and I plan to visit in June and run the Seattle Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon...sure hope it doesn't rain!

Teresa said...

M, I will be running in the 1/2 Rock'n Roll Marathon too! This is my first 1/2 marathon. My usual runs are 4 or 5 miles. Maybe we can meet at the finish line.

Rosemary said...

Your vacation sounds like it was quite rejuvenating. Those old cheddars must be very tasty.
I got quite the smile from your nose blog.LOL.

Mrs4444 said...

I was wondering why he looked familiar! :) BTW, Lisa and I are starting to put together a C-cousin get-together for June 28th (day after my mom's 80th b-day party). Any chance you'll be home again?

Teresa said...

Oh gosh, would LOVE to be there but another trip back is not in the budget just yet. Make it a yearly event and I will be there in 2011!
You all are certainly welcome here anytime.