Saturday, February 07, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

An award has been bestowed. Aleurs! Woe is me! Ok Barbara, of Our Life Together..., this is the one and only time! Audience, I am agreeing to this only because Barbara has been a faithful commenter on my blog for probably two years and she is a fellow kindergarten teacher who burns an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm in the teaching of her young students. She is a colleague and blogger I would love to meet in person. Thank you, Barbara.
This is it though. (Those of you who blog know that awards are bait for readers, right?) Which is ok; but I blog mainly for me. It is my selfish pleasure and my gardening journal (see side bar). So here goes, I keep the thread going by bestowing the award on 7 others:

1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominate.

1. Tanya, teacher friend and mommy to Chase: The Adventures of Chase Talk about a woman who tries to do everything to perfection, Tanya's it. She's a dedicated ELL teacher, mother to 19 month old Chase, soon to celebrate her second anniversary with her husband, Chris, a serious yogini, and she's beautiful. Along with all that,she has the good fortune to live in Hawaii.

2. Barbara, cousin and a Middle School Special Ed. teacher: Half Past Kissin She received a Golden Apple for her teaching a couple years back, need I say more?

3. Michelle, cousin and seriously funny sister to #2 Barbara:Second Chances

4. David Perry, garden photographer extraordinaire; I long for the recognition that artistic photos like David's give to a garden. He no longer allows comments so I doubt that he knows he has paisons like myself idolizing his garden photograpohy.
A Photographers Garden Blog

5. Billy Goodnik, a Santa Barbara gardener and musician; It is just our nature to admire someone who is a wee bit more ahead of the gardening crowd. Of course he has mild winters and early springs to his advantage. The Gardenwise Guy

6. Rosemary, She's an enthusiastic gardener, a retiree from the field of education, and she's our neighbor in the Great White North of Ontario, CA Visit her at Rosemary's Blog

7. I know I am supposed to give the award to 7 bloggers, but my reading arsenal jumps to newspapers and Boing Boing and the West Seattle Blog and NPR after I peruse the above six blogs. Sorry folks, that's all I write.


Chase said...

Thanks for the mention/award, Teresa! What about AR's blog?

Rosemary said...

Thank you for thinking of me for this award. So kind.

Teresa said...

Chase, (Tanya),
That AR is just too busy staying on the dean's list at the U of Chicago. When she has a spare minute she is pulling a disc across an Ultimate Frisbee field. She is in Vegas at a tournament right now, in the RAIN of all things!

Mrs4444 said...

Thank you so much for the honor :) I appreciate the thought and await your SHT.

(Man, I hope that link works; I'm kind of new at putting links in comments.) I'm only kidding; you don't have to do it if you don't want to. I just have that requirement to make people think twice before passing the "hot potato" on to me :)

Teresa said...

Mrs. 4444 is asking me to do a Stupid Human Trick (SHT) and I am saying "OH, SH_T!" I didn't realize she had these 'rules'. You all will just have to wait while I mull that one around for a while.