Saturday, February 28, 2009

Winter's Encore

...happened this past Thursday. Darned if that Groundhog wasn't right. We had snow Wednesday night and this is what I saw Thursday morning:

a blanket of white in the blue light of early morning;

Snowdrops nodding towards the icy crystals at their feet;

Schools had a two hour late start so the DH and I took a walk in Shorewood. The Olympics stood out in their winter whites.


Rosemary said...

Hi Teresa
So cheery to see snowdrops pushing thru the snow.

Lynn said...

Lovely to get a 2 hour delay. OUr schools had the same that day...far away in Wisconsin.
I could start 2 hours late every day and be quite content to go to work EVERY day!

Chase said...

geez, we're going to be REALLY cold when we get to Seattle in a couple of weeks.

Barbara said...

I do miss those snow days:(