Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Week in Spring in Wisconsin

A windy Sunday with the Fossum family at the Johnson Creek premium outlets. The location was chosen because it is the half way point between Menomenee Falls and Lodi. Lunch at Culvers was followed by an attempt to find the perfect athletic shoes for Sela. It didn't happen. She is one very particular 14 year old (not so unusual for a teenager I suppose)! My favorite part of lunch at Culvers was Kelby's stories about how 2 of the teachers at his school were fired for using suggestive language in a student play and not changing the script when requested to do so by the principal. A third teacher was arrested at a convenience store for marijuana possession. Very funny  accountings when told from a 12 year olds perspective.

Then dinner that night was in Wauwautosa with my brother Dave and his family. The restaurant suggested by my niece Terra was BelAir Cantina. What delicious food and a fabulous booth to sit in and share LOTS of conversation!

On our April 20th drive to Green Bay we could see that spring has not quite arrived in Northern Wisconsin.  But there was no rain and temperatures in the 60s for most of the following week.

It was a week for lots of visiting. My brother Jeff and his girlfriend Ginny met us for breakfast at Kavarna one morning.

  On Thursday  I attended the WPS Volunteer Awards Breakfast at the KI Center in Green Bay. My mom was one of 197 volunteers honored for their hours of service to non profit agencies in Brown County. Mom was a nominee for her more than 18 years of volunteering at Unity Hospice. Both her and Dad are an inspiration in the amount of service hours they give to the Green Bay community.

I made time to visit my Uncle Gene and Aunt Loa Ann in their new apartment in the Town of Howard. What a good example they are of taking a step towards a change in living style later in life. Here is Uncle Gene playing with his great granddaughter, Ruby. She is such a doll and I LOVE the fact that Ann and Gene supply toys like paper tubes and oatmeal tubs. Ruby is perfectly content and very creative with her recycled 'toys'.

Look what Chris spied in my parents' neighbors' backyard one morning. Yes. A turkey! We have seen almost as many turkeys across the states as dead raccoons on the highways.

One morning we walked along the DePere Riverwalk and saw hundreds of white pelicans. They are lovely and fascinating. 

No visit to Green Bay would be complete without eating a fish fry dinner and drinking an Old Fashioned Sour. Uncle Herbie is a regular at the Moose Lodge with my Mom and Dad. We were happy to tag along. The food was delicious although I think Mericques is better.

On Friday Chris' Aunt Lois and cousin Dawn drove into GB from Ohio and on Saturday off we drove to Door Co. Here you see Fish Creek.

Wilsons, in Ephriam was closed or I would have wanted ice cream. This trip has not been kind to my waistline!

I have never been to New England but from pictures I have seen, Door Co. reminds me of that part of our country.

My mother in law, June,  was very happy to have all of us together. We ate lunch at Al Johnson's Swedish Restaurant in Sister Bay. The Swedish meatballs I ordered were SO tasty! We talked June into buying new shoes at the gift shop...I wonder if she will wear them.

I know that farming is hard work but I can't help but sigh and think how peaceful Wisconsin farms look from the road. This was taken on Hwy. G in Door Co.


Our nephew Tanner is refusing to show his new smile 'sans braces'. Age 15 is like that. Really, the dentist did great work. Tanner is into skateboarding and starting to golf.

Here I am with my sister Lisa who is blond (not really) and much smaller and younger than I am. She is hard working and kind and forging her way in a new 'single' life in Green Bay. 

In Wisconsin I saw my parents and mother in law, six cousins, two uncles, one aunt, both of my sisters and both of my brothers and their wives, husbands, or significant others; three nieces and two nephews. It was a week full of too much eating, non-stop talking and laughter and so much love. 

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