Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Austin

After a 6 hour day on the road we are once again in Austin. Not Texas but Minnisota. After a week of 60 degree plus spring weather in Green Bay we are slipping back into winter weather. The temperature has ranged between 37 and 41 with rain, hail and snow (although it does not stick) and the wind has been constant. I thought I had brought my ski jacket for nothing but today I wore it every time I got out of the car. We have logged over 7000 miles so far. The Elantra is doing just fine; hopefully the second oil change in Green Bay will keep it happy until we get home. 
We passed cranberry bogs near Tomah much larger than the ones we saw in Oregon.

Although it was very cold and wintery we saw more signs of leaves opening on tree branches.

We made another crossing of the Mississippi. Could this be our third one?

We are disappointed that the Spam Museum is not opened. They are building a new and improved museum to open in spring 2016. In fact, the ground breaking ceremony was today. This is the SECOND time we have been in Austin MN and tried to see the museum and not succeeded. Oh well, we did hit the gift shop. Tomorrow will be another day and another state.

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