Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Big Easy; Milepost 4000+

It was an interesting half hour drive this morning from LaPlace into New Orleans. Lake Pontchartrain is unlike any lake I have ever seen. It is huge at 640 square miles and the bridge to cross it is long and low to the water. Trees grow in shallow areas of it's brackish water and spanish moss waves from spindly branches. At times I expected an alligator to pop it's head up from the swampy spaces between the trees.

Shoe soles, kolaches and beignets; what do they all have in common? They are food you can find in New Orleans and I enjoyed everyone of them! A Pina Colada and a Bloody Mary took care of my fruits and vegetables for today. I know I am going to suffer for this but for the next two days I am jumping into the Southern food experience with gusto!

Breakfast at the Donut Hole in LaPlace:

Cafe au lait and beignets from the original Cafe Du Monde on Decatur St. in New Orleans.

I haven't had crawfish yet, I'm saving that experience for tomorrow.

Beads for sale and hanging everywhere.

Narrow streets lined with narrow houses with balconies, shuttered windows and intricate wrought iron 

We passed the perfect spot to buy our next chandelier! (;

Potions and doodads galore at Marie Laveau's shop.

We had our first glimpse of the Mississippi today.

The bawdy and raucous Bourbon Street with it's multiple daiquiri bars  ends with some very graceful homes and a much more peaceful neighborhood.

We were lucky enough to be around for the very large Saturday Market. This oyster seller had a lively patter going but I wasn't going to be his next customer. No thank you!

The market stretched as far as my eye could see!

Here is the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France where I will be attending Easter Sunday mass tomorrow! It faces a beautiful park like square. Many local artists had their work displayed for sale around the edges of the square.

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