Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Month On The Road

Yesterday we we took the road less traveled, having the time and no specific sight seeing plans. We left Marion, Ill at about 9:30 and continued north on Hwy. 57. Seeing a sign for a winery we thought, why not! Remember all that wine country we went through in California and never stopped? Well I guess the timing was just right to see this one, Pheasant Hollow:

The wines were mostly fruity and not to our taste but I did manage to buy one white that was tasty yet cheap and two bottles of their Black and Blue (berries) that I think my mom and sister will like. From Pheasant Hollow we decided to continue to take Hwy. 37 which runs parallel to Hwy. 57 N and is much less traveled. The truck traffic on the Interstate gets annoying after  so many days of being in the midst of it. Next stop in Mount Vernon brought back memories of visiting historic Lincoln sites with my family when I was young. 

It is hard to miss their Christian fervor in southern Illinois!

Then when searching for Amish Country we got turned around and found Hindsboro instead which consisted of not much more than this junk yard of vintage cars that was actually quite organized. But of my, the condition of those cars!


The wind blew fiercely, over the endless fields of corn stalk stubble that was occasionally punctuated with big, nearly pond sized puddles. The sun was shining but the winds scooting across the plains were cold and today was the first day in a long time that we needed long sleeved shirts.

Then, armed with a map from the lady in Arcola we entered the Amish Country. I stopped in a grocery store and all the clerks were women wearing their long dresses and caps ringing people up and packing groceries. It was just an ordinary grocery store populated with 'others' who had come in cars but it was Amish run. I guess their religion bends more now and computerized cash registers are acceptable. This horse was running into the wind, even more amazing was the old Amish man we saw, peddling a bicycle on the highway!

At last we arrived in Champaign Il. at the home of Sue and Ed who we have known practically forever but see them very rarely.  Sue has known me since I was eight and we took we swimming classes at the Y in Green Bay. Ed fixes a great spaghetti sauce and tasty Caesar salad. 

We have covered over 5000 miles and our tires touched roads in 14 states since we left one month ago. Today we  entered Wisconsin and have the many doors of our family open to us and that is good.

Tonight we rest easy at Molly and my niece, Terras' new home in Menomenee Falls(it is beautiful!). It was great to kick back on their patio with beer and wine and have Molly fire up their new grill to fix us chicken. That, along with yummy cheeses for an appetizer and two great salads made by Terra made for a delicious dinner! Two home cooked dinners in a row....I am liking this!

After dinner they put up with reteaching us how to play Hearts. We're a bit rusty with the card playing but I sure can see how I could get back into the groove.  Tomorrow will be more family time...I can't wait to see everyone!

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