Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lost and Found

No, we didn't get lost. Here are Chris' words explaining our road trip adventure for today: 
"When we got to Bozeman MT for breakfast I realized 

I left my iPad in Livingston MT. So I drove back and got it.

I drove the mountain pass between the 2 towns 4 times this

morning. In a snowstorm. "

Yes, it was a grueling drive for him but it was so pretty too!

It looks something like a country Christmas card picture, don't you think?

Here is a strange detail that we noticed on the second 'drive around'. Those are snowflakes in that squiggle on the telephone pole.

We scored in a totally different way from yesterday when we stopped for a bathroom break at the Wheat Mountain Bakery and Deli at the intersection of I 90 and US 287. While I did see the words 'gluten free' on a couple of items, this is NOT the place you want to go unless you are ready to be indulgent in some not so very healthy eating choices. The cinnamon rolls are as big as dinner plates. I bought a cherry and Greek yogurt croissant. I shared it with Chris. OH! it was yummy! Wheat Mountain also has other Montana gifts like mug, water bottles, jams, granola, t-shirts and soap as well as 50# bags of oats and flour, straight from their Montana farm. The place was packed with people and not just tourists either. I really was tempted to take a picture of the two cowboys in their muddy boots and sweat stained and wind battered hats but I let them enjoy their coffee in peace.

There was a sign for a "Trophy Rock" near Butte and I missed that picture but this formation is very similar. I think it is part of the Boulder Batholith .   There are articles that say the rocks of this area have special minerals that attract bear and deer, that is why it is called 'trophy'. 

Below you see a huge open pit mine in Butte. Many people made their fortune mining copper in mines such as this.

Another bathroom break brought us very close to the border with Idaho, in Superior, MT. It is a pleasant wayside with a national campground adjacent to it. Dozens of ground squirrels scampered around on the grass. They are smaller than regular squirrels and they zip here and there with great fervor. They were almost as entertaining as the Prairie Dogs in SD!

Then we started going up again and the snow began again.  The sign says Saltese which is at 3366 FT.

Incredibly, there were construction crews working on the interstate in this ugly weather and traffic was reduced to one lane for about a half mile.

No pictures of beautiful Coeur d'Alene and the many rivers and creeks that we passed before we crossed into Washington.  It is a very pretty place. I took the last, and easiest leg of driving into Spokane.  The Fairbridge Inn is our last hotel stay (needs serious updating) Home is only a day away!

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