Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Today we are a little more at ease, a little more laid back. We spent the day reading, eating and walking to the beach - twice. Quite honestly that is what most of this year's Yucatan Adventure will be. Tomorrow Chris says he will go to the nearby gym for a workout. I make no such promises. My knee is feeling some better, I don't think I should push my luck.

 Venders are selling fruit and snacks as you approach the beach.

 The surf crashing on the rocks riddled with holes that are probably home to some crustaceans, remained me of simular surf swept rock on the Olympic Peninsula. But the sand was whiter and the water much warmer.

 Our after dinner walk took us away from the hotels, towards the highway. I spied this Banksy style silhouette on the side of an old building.

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