Thursday, January 21, 2016

Another Tropical Day

Today is breezy and grey but we managed a walk in the morning. First to drop off our laundry, then for a walk on the beach and on to the bus station to check out the schedule for buses to Cancun. They run every 20 minutes so that poses no problem.
The loveliest flowers grow in every nook and cranny, somewhat apologizing for the piles of rubbish we pass on sidewalks and in vacant lots.

Then we had lunch at this little hole in the wall place we had passed before. I took the photo noting the car rental sign on the upper level  and we had mused as to who in their right mind would rent a car HERE!

The food was absolutely delicious. As Chris ate his shrimp fettuccine we watched the fish monger on his bicycle cart, unloading the morning's fresh catch of shrimp.

And by time we were done eating, the morning downpour was over. We puddle hopped our way back to Casa Mango enveloped  in the steamy tropical air.

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