Sunday, January 24, 2016

Feeling Like I'm Eight

This morning after a not so sound sleep at Casa Encontada, our Tulum apartment, we awoke to clear blue skies and crisp air that made us thankful for the long sleeved tops we had packed. This is a noisy place even though it is closer to jungle than to the town's center. Packs of dogs bark night and day and the low rumble of trucks on the  highway and a thump thump of a Saturday night disco managed to penetrate my earplugs. After morning coffee we took a 3 mile walk to the BIG grocery store and bought breakfast food and snacks for the next few days. A half dozen eggs were only 65 cents. Then we walked back, stopping for espresso and an almond croissant at a cafe, and then to rent our transportation, 2 bicycles for two days setting us back only 13 dollars! One speed bikes with big clunky frames and wide handle bars, I wobbled like I was 8 all over again. Now we are poolside, relaxing. The pool is not heated and too cold for swimming on a 73 degree day, but what a pleasant
place to just be still.

As we swerved this way and that down the pot holed road towards our apartment Chris saw a fox! Last night in the dark, bats as big as kittens swooped back and forth, keeping the mosquitoes under control we hope.

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