Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Across the Border

Arrived in Cancun yesterday at 5:00. Took the hour long, packed ADO bus ride to Playa and watched the big orange sun sink into the Caribbean Sea through the windows. Then took an adventurous walk in the mostly dark streets to Casa Mango. The adventure is not because of fear of getting lost, smartphones solve that problem. The adventure is in negotiating pulling luggage along the sidewalks which are riddled with, holes, steps, branches of palms and wires hanging in your face.

Just feet before the gate to our apartment, I tripped over a fence post on the side walk and of course hurt my already aching left knee. Who should help me to my feet but Barbara, the Italian owner of Casa Mango. Lots of flustered help, "was I ok?" "Yes, yes" I reassured her I was fine. In the morning I would notice a hole in my running shoe. Had I been wearing sandals the hole would've been in my foot. After learning about the keys, the internet and nearby restaurants we schlepped our luggage up the spiral staircase to our bedroom. I am going to have to limit my fluids after 5! The stairs are not something I want to deal with in the middle of the night.

 We ate dinner at an Australian owned Italian restaurant last night. Pork chop for me and a burger for Chris. Not very Italian and not at all Mexican but both hit the spot on our empty stomachs. This morning's breakfast of chilaquilles on Calle Cinco at Vagabonds gave me my first Mexican food fix.  Afterwards we walked to the beach and watched the resorts setting up chaise lounges.

They probably won't get many customers. It is overcast and a humid 75, a perfect day for us to just lounge about our apartment, catch our breath and get our bearings.

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