Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bloomin' Cherry Tree

I bought this tree about 5 or 6 years ago for the focal point in this bed and I must say it does it's job well. When I see it bloom it reminds me of the photos I took of my daughter and her friends before going off to their Senior Prom in May 2006.

The husband says I must update everyone on the results of my nettle foraging. He and I thoroughly enjoyed the Nettle Soup. I used two potatoes instead of rice as a thickener and the splash of cream added just enough fat to make it rich and yummy.

And regarding the wrens who were a courtin' and had scoped out our bird house: Well, they were foiled again; this time by bumble bees that decided to nest in the house along with them. I guess it wasn't too cozy of a situation so the wrens left, although I still hear them in the shrubs and bushes around the upper yard. My husband cleaned out the bird house and last Saturday chickadees were checking it out! Who knows we may get baby birds in there yet.


ldybug said...

wow, i was brought up here in Florida and have never even seen some of the plants you have. Pretty cool to see plant life from the other side of the country. Great blog.

Diana said...

What a gorgeous tree! We planted a couple of cherry trees 2 springs ago and are waiting for them to mature. They bloom but in an ackward, adolescent manner.