Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go Pack Go!

Yipee! They WON! It is hard to explain why after 31 years living in Seattle I still am a Cheesehead. The indoctrination starts really young, is all I can say! I don't know where this third grade is; someplace in WI, that's pretty certain. I'm sure their hero Brett Farve would appreciate this musical number.


venusflytrap said...

I second that! I grew up 20 mi from GB, have lived in Seattle for 22 years and still follow the Pack.

The Godmother said...

Sure thought you would have been able to fly here with your Govenor. Steve & Becky went to the game & Becky describe it as being in a great big snow globe. Just beautiful. It was exciting sitting in our recliner and watching the game & snow at the same time. Love to all

Anonymous said...

Loved that game and sure thought of you being able to go to work with a big I told you so look!
Terra attended the game and sat next to some very nice Seattle people, a couple and their 3 sons and one of their wives. She had a great time. Her girlfriends GAVE her a ticket and they watched from the Stadium View and had a great time too. Go Packer this Sunday!

Anonymous said...
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