Friday, January 18, 2008


Some would say, "How clever to have your Dr. appointments on the Friday before a three day weekend." But it actually is just what worked out. I would much rather not miss a day. Making lessons plans for a sub is lengthy torture for me. And today was no 'walk in the park' either. I got my nose reamed by the otolaryngologist, and my boobs squeezed in the mammogram machine. The first appointment was 50 minutes behind schedule. Thank goodness I didn't put both appointments back to back. It did mean that I didn't get to eat lunch; not my idea of a post holiday diet plan. So you say just how DOES an otolaryngologist check your vocal cords? Well, first they numb your nostril (or nostrils) with a cold spray, then they just slip this skinny tube with a camera up your nose and down into your throat. Just like that! HA, NOT! The scope goes in a few inches, "breathe" the Dr. says, down an inch more "breathe and swallow" (yeah, right), down a few inches more, I put my hand on her arm to signal "STOP". My back is arched in the chair and I am so tense I think I'm going to pop a vertebrate. I get a trace of composure back and she says "Breathe again, through your nose." I'm actually surprised breathing through my nose is easier than through my mouth. I feel the camera inside my throat hitting the sides, teasing my gag reflex through the numbness. Now she says "Hum" and I comply "Hum a little higher" I hum higher knowing this exploration will soon be done, thank goodness! Zip, out slides the tube, we're done. Drum roll please! We look at the video of my vibrating cords from November and compare them with today's. I am continuing to improve, the little cyst is not really cyst anymore, just a tiny round dot. Although people can't hear it in my voice I still do feel it there and the Dr. says that is not too surprising but the fact that it is getting smaller means surgery is not necessary and best of all, I don't need to go back to her unless I still think it is there in three months. For now, I can sing; but only a little and no yelling allowed EVER. How in the world am I going to keep my yap shut during the Packer game this weekend?

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