Monday, January 21, 2008


There are few words that can describe how I felt watching yesterday's game. The Packers loss to the Giants in overtime, 23-20, was painful. Mike Vandermause, Green Bay Press Gazette columnist does a decent job of covering this dismal end to the Packers season. I was really expecting more of a running game and I missed watching Ryan Grant gobbling up the yardage. Next season? Without Farve (those interceptions by this revered quarterback get harder and harder to tolerate)? I am curious to talk to my family members for their perspective, but I better wait a few days till they 'cool down'. I had a brother in a company box at the game and a niece in the stands; brr.
As for today, it will be bright, sunny, and a cold 37 here in Seattle, which of course is nothing near the -3 in Green Bay. I will treat myself to long run once the sun is up and then I must find the discipline necessary to plow through completing the FAFSA, which next to taxes is one of the most onerous winter tasks to do. Wish me luck!


Amy said...

Hi, Teresa. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes, the Packers loss was a disappointment. But they were outplayed.

It's been a great season, though.

Jeanne said...

Hi,I am from Wisconsin, Born and Bred here, Hubby grew up in the small town we live in and is a DIE HARD PACKER FAN. Glad to see people from other states feel the same way as us Wisconsinites do about the Packers and Brett. :) Nice to meet you. :) P.S. We all think Brett will be back next year if that makes you feel better. :) Jeanne

Diana said...

Oh, that was a painful game, wasn't it? Charles kept turning it off with a "I can't watch anymore" and then he'd turn it on a few minutes later just because hope dies slowly.

Anonymous said...

Let's not wish our lives away but I too am sure next year will be even more fun to watch. We all hope Favre will be back to entertain us with his team!