Saturday, January 26, 2008

Two and a Half Day Weekend

Whoopee! Monday is the day between semesters and while I DO have a Math workshop to attend at 12:45, having the morning off will be blissful. From last Sunday through yesterday we had beautiful blue skies and frosty weather. I took a few pretty photos in Lincoln Park just as the sun was about to break through. Right now it is raining a cold rain that every once and a while switches to snow, just to tease us. Talked to my dad in Green Bay this morning and he tells me that they are experiencing an old fashioned winter like I remember from my youth; a foot of snow or more on the ground and below zero temperatures. Last night I read lots of the blogs I frequent. While most people have a blogroll listing their daily reads I opt for suggesting you click on the icon if you want to explore the sites that I read.
As I read the news today I am nervous that the Democratic party is shooting itself in the foot. The nasty exchange of words, and in particular, the role Bill Clinton is playing in fueling the fire, has me quite despondent. People are surprised that issues of race/gender are in the picture. Oh, come now. They DO make a difference, especially when considering that in 2004's presidential election there was an increase in the African American in vote S.Carolina from 22% to 30%. And they both want those votes; but bashing one another is only going to reflect poorly on them in upcoming states. I know that more than one of us has entertained the "Wouldn't it be nice?" idea of having both Obama and H. Clinton on the same ticket. Today that seems more of a pipe dream than it did in the early days of this campaign.
* In speaking of race I try to keep in mind the perspective of Paul Kivel:"The only way to treat people with dignity and justice is to recognize that racism has a profound negative effect on upon our lives. Noticing color helps to counteract that effect. Instead of being color neutral we need to notice much more acutely and insightfully exactly the difference that color makes in the way people are treated." taken from: Uprooting Racism; How White People Can Work For Racial Justice

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Diana said...

I, too, am saddened by some of the antics by some of the democratic candidates. I always want to think that the party should be better than that, which is completely stupid, yet there it is.

Of course race matters. We are an extremely racialized country and pretending otherwise is not helpful, sort of like pretending the month long blood-tinged cough in the smoker is just a cold.