Friday, January 04, 2008

She's Chicago Bound

Here's HG(on right) all smiley with her BFF from grade school. At least twice a year we try to get together as families to enjoy great food and non-stop conversation with these two loquacious young women with sights held high and ambition to match. I am proud of my daughter's choices of friends, there's nary a one I dislike. But BFF is special, maybe because I have known her since she was seven. I like the relaxed way I see her draped over our couch, I like the fact that she is comfortable enough to open the cupboard and find what she needs, and I like the cheery sound of her voice when she calls on the phone. Yes, she calls on the land line and she takes a little time to talk to me before she talks to HG! That alone doubles her 'brownie points' in my opinion! Equally important, even though they are twenty, I would not feel stupid if I called her parents and asked things like, "Are you sure they should be driving into the mountains on New Year's Eve?" NOT that I did that, but having the option is nice.
So, at 5:30 this morning I dropped HG off at SeaTac with what felt like twice her weight in luggage. We had so much fun these past four weeks it was hard to say good bye and harder still to come home to a quiet house. When I looked on her desk she had left a to do list for yesterday: 1. Cook Dinner (the tartiflette was heavenly) 2. Vacuum my room (hmmm...I didn't hear the vacuum, the dust bunnies will be enormous by June!) 3. Thank yous (I saw a few cards sitting next to the list, my guess is she mailed some) 4. Put music on parent's computer (Yup, done. Can't wait to listen.)

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