Monday, January 28, 2008

Tied to the Computer

On Sunday at 9:30 in the morning I sat down at the computer, found a classical music station online and thought to myself, "If I really stick with it I will have this CSS Profile filled out by noon." Was I ever kidding myself! I worked 'till 1:30 fixed lunch for Chris and I and took a break. Then back to the keyboard of the computer until dinner when I went back upstairs to the kitchen to cook again of course. We ate, watched a little of Obama's speech after winning the primary in South Carolina. (That was exciting but Ted Kennedy's speech of endorsement today was even more invigorating.)
It was so hard to get back to the CSS, the tax forms, the files and pay stubs. By, 9:30 at night I was just about done, only 2 or 3 lines where I thought it prudent to check my figures in the morning. And now, tonight I submitted the dang thing. With FAFSA and CSS behind me I only have the taxes and the U of Chicago's financial aid forms to complete and those will wait till later in February. I really sweat these forms out; I appreciate honesty and accuracy, but I want 'a deal' too. I win on the honesty part, hope I am accurate, and the deal is never quite what I think we can live with; but somehow we do.
Right now the rain is falling steadily and I am doubtful that it will turn to the snow
they predicted. At least it is a four day week!

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