Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Flat Blake

On Tuesday I got a wonderful surprise! A silent and slender visitor slipped out of an envelope. He hails from Oshkosh, Wisconsin and he is here as an emissary to help a first grade class learn about maps and other cities and states. His name is Flat Blake .I'm sure those of you who have young children or if you are a teacher, you are familiar with the book Flat Stanley. This, I am certain, is a marvelous learning extension from that book!
Here are photos of Flat Blake's trip to Seattle. In this post I will try to describe what is happening. First off, he just could not WAIT to jump out of that envelope! He zipped out to our deck to get some fresh air and enjoy the view. That is the Puget Sound (which is is not the actual ocean but it leads to the ocean) in the distance behind the trees.
He must've slept well 'cuz he was eager to hop in the car with me this morning. I couldn't get him to wear a seatbelt, he was a real rowdy one, he rode on the dash. I guess he just wanted to be able to see out the window. I had a hair cut appointment across town and wasn't planning to make any stops but I found a parking spot near Seattle Center (where the Space Needle is) and took a photo of F.Blake with the Needle in the background. Problem was, he did not want to let go of that phone pole and get back into the car! I could understand this since at Seattle Center there is the Pacific Science Center, a big fountain, a Children's Museum, a game arcade, a few rides and of course the Needle itself which has a great gift shop and for a fee (kind of expensive) you can take an elevator to the top. Finally with a promise to show him one of the scariest spots in Seattle he got back into my car. Then we headed to the Freemont neighborhood where there is this troll that lives under the bridge (that's the Aurora Bridge). I was impressed with F. Blake, he insisted on having his photo taken as he sat not fluttering one little bit , on the troll's hand.
To be continued...

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