Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lettuce Begin

Lettuce Begin by saying the week was everything a gardener could hope for and more. Here you see the lettuce I started two weeks ago. Now I am 'hardening it' by putting it outside in the daytime and bringing it in for night. So just what did I do besides take Flat Blake around town? Here's a brief list;
1. Washed and waxed the car
2. Sent in our taxes and also did a rough draft of 'the daughter's' taxes.
3. Cut down LOTS of ferns and spread a yard of compost.
4. Went into the classroom and did 4 hours of planning for the upcoming Math night, displayed some 'kid work' and moved around some seating.
5. I am a wienie when it comes to getting shots, so this one is quite surprising...I got a cortisone shot in my elbow for 'golfer's elbow' and NO I do NOT golf. But now I can pronate my left arm with the best of the duffers should I choose.
6. Did some serious cleaning. Hey those micro fibre dust cloths are AMAZING! I should have listened to my mom when she recommended them months ago!
7. Ran in glorious sunshine for six days in a row.
8. Finished reading Love in the Time of Cholera at LONG last. I do NOT recommend it; the leading character is creepy. He pines away for his first love for five decades and his obsession with getting her back strikes me as stalker behavior. Also, this guy has numerous affairs over the decades including a pedophiliac relationship with his niece that really got my bile up.
9. Bought 2 end tables from an antique store. They will need painting but I think they just might be the match I needed for the lamp bases I bought earlier in the month.
10. Relaxed completely.


g_mirage said...

I love that title!

Quite a tedious list...glad you rested. Good day!

Teresa said...

Thank you mirage. The list may sound tedious but I actually enjoy most of the things I listed, especially if it involves being outside.

Diana said...

Just catching up. I loved Flat Blake's travels around Seattle. Did you enclose a picture of some pie and a glass of milk so he could have a snack on the way back?

I've been oogling plant catalogues the past week and have been deciding on which varieties of strawberries to add to what I planted last year. Such a lovely task.